Becoming like our parents is something we can’t avoid, so we need to like or lump it. Thankfully my dad was a swarve retro hansom chap.

Today was symbolic for taking action, so that l could change my circumstances. I ordered a similar pair of prescription transitions, as l need to wear glasses to own and drive my own car after nearly 22yrs of being restricted to life on the buses.

I am now pursuing employment in sales and marketing as l have not had the opportunity to utilise the benefits of having no inhibitions. These skills also need to be developed, if l am to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Today l was reminded of the benefits of owning my own company, when meeting a home security rep. As an IBO Independent Business Owner, I can pay off my taxes with any expenses incurred on my home as it is also my business.

This is defo the season l take hold of my inheritance and fulfil my priestly role as head of my home. I have much catching up to do and now is the time for this son to be revealed to a desperate Creation.


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