How to have fun at Qatar World Cup

Calling all Evangelical Christians and any cheeky football fans that want to have a laugh with the home nations.

I will often hear, ‘but Jesus doesn’t play in goal’. To which l reply, ‘true, but He’s the only one that can save us’. Seed, time and harvest.

As an injured ex soldier, l epitomise time being the greatest healer, where 21+yrs ago l had a bad ski crash and was left disabled, and to still have a purpose is exciting stuff!

l can also testify that there is more to life than meets the eye, and now, more doors are opening for me.

As an affiliate for ( ? ) my design will give the fans something to be proud of, and to hear the fans singing ‘there’s only one Jesus’, would be a dream come true.

Even after Qatar, this will defo be a new season. If this doesn’t start revival, then it will at least be an awesome ice breaker.

You know this post deserves a boost and a follow up via my homepage.

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