Register and Play CASHFLOW® Classic Here. This is a miracle! If you were to buy this board game you will expect to pay $100+, but here it is FREE! This is the best game to change our mindsets on money, which is keeping us enslaved to the system. We can choose what kind of life we want to live. If we want the prosperous life that God has for us, then we need to be self disciplined and learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord. As we climb towards that summit of our mountainj, we will need to lose some weight as the air gets … Continue reading Register and Play CASHFLOW® Classic Here.

Angel secrets discovered on visit to heaven

This year pastor Daniel Mateola has taken the bull by the horns and engaged in the teaching of angels. This topic is misunderstood by so many because they are spirit beings and can’t be seen. When you are called by God, you too will face ridicule for standing for truth, especially with Covid & co. Just know that you are in good company, as Jesus was also ridiculed. Continue reading Angel secrets discovered on visit to heaven

Watch “Rich Dad Poor Dad Complete audio book Robert kiyosaki | Poor Dad Rich Dad Audiobook 2021” on YouTube

This is a must for any budding entrepreneurs, and a great response to a comment from Billionaire Warren Buffet ‘ If you don’t earn money whilst you sleep, you will be working until the day you die. Recently l started a very affordable course in online business’ It is a 15 day challenge, which will give us the knowledge to earn passive income(s) by day 15. As a child of God l am called to be a witness, to impact lives and to be a blessing. Sure, this is taking me out of my comfort zone, but that is … Continue reading Watch “Rich Dad Poor Dad Complete audio book Robert kiyosaki | Poor Dad Rich Dad Audiobook 2021” on YouTube

Funky Holy Communion Firstly l must say that l am by no means showing less reverence to this most Holy of occasions, but the choice of background music was restricted. Help me Jesus 🙏 We are living in precarious times and the Lord put it on my heart to make this available for other believers that need a boost in our daily walk with the Lord. Life with Jesus isn’t necessarily easier, but it is possible. We may fall down, but the word of God says to get up, dust ourselves down aka REPENT and keep on keeping on. Yes, there is … Continue reading Funky Holy Communion

Prayer for money harvest

You can only qualify for this breakthrough, if you are a disciple of Jesus aka if you are Born Again. Seed, time and harvest also needs to be obeyed. No seed, no harvest! Do you also pay your tithes 😇 Prayer for money harvest Lord l claim for this spring, every need met, every bill paid and when this spring is over, I’ll be in the black and not the red. I claim that in the name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Satan, you take your hands off my finances Go ministering spirits and cause my money to … Continue reading Prayer for money harvest