Rent to Rent Kickstarter

This is a Godsend to help in these times of uncertainty.  The 6 step system to get your first property deal👇                 These angels are her to make a difference. Proof that it is more blessed to give. Continue reading Rent to Rent Kickstarter

Watch “Coronavirus – hands, face, space | NHS” on YouTube

The devil is a liar.  I curse that spirit of fear and cast it out into the lake of fire.  I replace it with the spirit of power, love and a sound mind. I pray that you too receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation of the truth of C19, because once you know the truth, this truth will set you free. I HAVE BEEN ANOINTED TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE This is another distraction from anticipating Jesus’s return. The best form of defence is attack and meeting with the brethren is a good place to do just that, where … Continue reading Watch “Coronavirus – hands, face, space | NHS” on YouTube

Bradville Revival

The brethren at have been in preparation for a move of God that the World needs to see. We are now ready to worship the Lord with clean hands. Proceedings start at 1900hrs on Thursday 1st October, putting on 10 services until Sunday 1800hrs. Only a few weeks ago l arrived with a passion to make the difference in C19. All attendees at this conference need to obtain a FREE ticket 👆 and an extra room is available for all people wishing to social distance and the good news for other travelling believers in God, is that reading Bradville Revival

How to overcome in C19

I contacted my local MP for reassurance that hospitals had no agenda to discriminate against the over 60’s or physically or mentally disabled of any age if they needed be resuscitated. This was in response to a retired GP you tube blogger and writer trying to create hysteria with Agenda 21 and reducing the world population and dehumanisation by wearing face masks. I am an ex soldier who was left disabled in a crash in Dec 2000, where l sustained a traumatic brain injury, but by God’s grace do l write this now. I now know that there is more … Continue reading How to overcome in C19

Chapter 1 – Greenford

I started life in Edgware hospital on 17.11.74, lqiving in Station Parade, Canons Park in Edgware for six months before relocating to Long Drive, Greenford, Middlesex.  Growing up with my dad Tony, mum Carol, older sister, and Toby Mk ll the house Labrador, who displayed human characteristics to a T by dropping his guts before vacating a room!  We lived in organized chaos, but we had fun!  Mum deserved a medal for multi-tasking!  My parents were hard working and managed three transport businesses in the 70s and 80s from their rented depot in Shepherds Bush, West London.  They owned Adventurous … Continue reading Chapter 1 – Greenford

Chapter 2 – Boarding school

My Grandfather held the last Army post of Commandant.  Even before I was born, the issue where I would be schooled was not even up for debate.  My dad also had the benefit of spending his school holidays here, so he was able to witness the daily operations of the school.  Understandably, I too was excited, what with the excellent sports facilities, including the athletics track my grandfather built.  I was a sports nut, and this just seemed like another adventure.  We all loved it!  What with the impressive entrance and the headmaster’s house on your left as soon as … Continue reading Chapter 2 – Boarding school

Chapter 3 – Transition

When I was 17, I played for a local men’s football team with some of my mates.  That was a laugh, especially as the men were slower in their speed and reaction, so thankfully I had more time on the ball, as coordination was not my forte.  Occasionally there would also be youngsters on the opposition, so we sometimes had to pull our socks up.  I played left back or centre back and will never forget the adrenaline rush I got from scoring a goal, where all I had to do was just time my run at the near post … Continue reading Chapter 3 – Transition

Chapter 4 – Army Air Corps

Prior to the Army, my life was going around in circles, living in temporary accommodation whilst doing dead-end jobs, with no direction.  People join the Army to travel and see the world, some to get away from home and some loved action.  While others myself included needed some structure and discipline in their lives, or in my dad’s words, a kick up the backside! I was supposed to start basic training in April 1996, but I dislocated my right thumb playing football.  I was now put back to the July intakes. Before starting basic training at Winchester barracks, I had … Continue reading Chapter 4 – Army Air Corps


We are living in such unprecedented times with distractions coming from all angles. The coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, with some reports blaming the Chinese eating bats bought from the market where the original mutations of the virus jumped from animal to human and now human to human. Hundreds of thousands of people die from the flu every year is a fact some people point out to quell anxiety about the coronavirus. Governments around the world are struggling to stop the spread of this pandemic. The Spanish flu from 1918 to 1919 and Black Death from 1347 to … Continue reading Plandemic