How to have fun at Qatar World Cup

Calling all Evangelical Christians and any cheeky football fans that want to have a laugh with the home nations. You will often hear, ‘but Jesus doesn’t play in goal’. To which we will reply, ‘true, but He’s the only that can save us’. As an injured ex soldier, l epitomise time being the greatest healer, where 21+yrs ago l had a bad ski crash and was left disabled. l can also testify that there is more to life than meets the eye, and now, more doors are opening for me. As an affiliate with ……….. my design will give the … Continue reading How to have fun at Qatar World Cup

I have now become my dad

Becoming like our parents is something we can’t avoid, so l need to like or lump it. Thankfully my dad was a swarve retro hansom chap. Today was symbolic for taking action, so that l could change my circumstances. I ordered a similar pair of prescription transitions, as l need to wear glasses to own and drive my own car after nearly 22yrs of being restricted to life on the buses. I am now pursuing employment in sales and marketing as l have not had the opportunity to utilise the benefits of having no inhibitions. These skills also need to … Continue reading I have now become my dad

Deja vu 101

How profound that at we are learning about angelic activity, because on Friday 1st July l experienced just that. During the day l was reminding myself that l needed to be consistent with my ministry, in order for me to be more effective. I even got to multi task, by jogging to centre mk with a weighted back pack, which is the best total body workout in history. Today l also carried my guitar for the first time, as l used to use public transport when playing my guitar. I’m amazed how God uses people to prompt me to … Continue reading Deja vu 101