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MK News 2011

EX- SOLDIER OVERCOMES SERIOUS SKI INJURY TO RUN MARATHON A man left partially paralyzed after a skiing accident is spreading a message of hope after he completed the London Marathon in 2011. When he was in the Army in 2000, Alexander Laing 36, was left paralysed down his left hand side after the accident, which left him with problems with his co-ordination, vision, speech and fatigue. Since joining Faith Dimensions in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, Alex from Bradville, became a born-again Christian and now says anything is possible after having set up his own gardening business and completing the marathon in … Continue reading MK News 2011

Watch “Billy Graham Sermon | Discovering Your Purpose: Life’s Most Important Question” on YouTube

I was so encouraged at the start from 01.20. Here l learn that Paul travelled with 3 other men. For a long time l presumed thatPaul had worked alone. In my Army days l used to knock about with 3 other men, but now l am doing the same. Now l am focused on the eternal unseen spiritual realm. I think the Lord wanted to encourage me, that l will not be alone in my pursuit to become more intimate with Him. Much 🙏 Continue reading Watch “Billy Graham Sermon | Discovering Your Purpose: Life’s Most Important Question” on YouTube

Outreach VIP London May 6th

This is perfect timing 101 and l encourage everyone to comment and share this most important of videos I’ve posted to date. On May 6th London is the place to be, as its Coronation day for King Charles. Ray Comfort and his team have created the perfect track and it’s FREELY available. Visit today for your FREE tracks. Ray & Co will be flying over to join us for the Best Outreach endeavour to date. WHO’S JOINING ME 😀 Proof that Ray Comfort is seriously anointed and has a heart for the things of God I’ve discovered an exceptional … Continue reading Outreach VIP London May 6th