Watch “Rich Dad Poor Dad Complete audio book Robert kiyosaki | Poor Dad Rich Dad Audiobook 2021” on YouTube

This is a must for any budding entrepreneurs, and a great response to a comment from Billionaire Warren Buffet ‘ If you don’t earn money whilst you sleep, you will be working until the day you die.

Recently l started a very affordable course in online business’ It is a 15 day challenge, which will give us the knowledge to earn passive income(s) by day 15.

As a child of God l am called to be a witness, to impact lives and to be a blessing. Sure, this is taking me out of my comfort zone, but that is always the place where God meets me.

We have a choice, do we want to play it safe and not take any risks aka spectate and stay poor or participate and take calculated risks that will lead to the abundant life. There is an insidious spirit telling the sons of God that a life of humility is to remain poor.

We only get 1 life, so let’s make the most of it. This is to enlarge His Kingdom, whilst anticipating Jesus’s return, and l am taught and practice this at

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