Funky Holy Communion

Firstly l must say that l am by no means showing less reverence to this most Holy of occasions, but the choice of background music was restricted. Help me Jesus 🙏

We are living in precarious times and the Lord put it on my heart to make this available for other believers that need a boost in our daily walk with the Lord.

Life with Jesus isn’t necessarily easier, but it is possible. We may fall down, but the word of God says to get up, dust ourselves down aka REPENT and keep on keeping on. Yes, there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

Remember brethren we are eternal spiritual beings having an earthly experience in these fallen earth suits, so we will sin and anyone that says we don’t sin is a liar.

To all of you who are now sucking their teeth at me, please read

I participate, hence risk making mistakes. Not only is it good for my state of mind, but also for the greater good of the brethren. Alternatively l could spectate aka play it safe and point my finger, whilst sucking on my face mask.

If you’re still offended, l put it to you, that you too have been taken unawares. Life is too short and just know that by the time we reach heaven, you will be too preoccupied with the servings to devour at the Lords supper. If I am in the wrong, l will say that I’m sorry and ask for your forgiveness, again.


Jesus says occupy until l return. Are we keeping on regardless and fulfilling the mandate that has been invested in us or are we spending more time listening to the soul destroying news, than what God says.

Im sure we can think back to when we last had our backs against the wall, but somehow we prevailed. This was because there was no propaganda attached to it like Covid & Co. I propose that the globalists and fear mungering media be held accountable and penalised for the lives that have been seriously damaged.

Smells like compensation 💯% to me

Again l ask you to comment, share and follow me.

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