Deja vu 101

How profound that at we are learning about angelic activity, because on Friday 1st July l experienced just that. During the day l was reminding myself that l needed to be consistent with my ministry, in order for me to be more effective. I even got to multi task, by jogging to centre mk with a weighted back pack, which is the best total body workout in history. Today l also carried my guitar for the first time, as l used to use public transport when playing my guitar. I’m amazed how God uses people to prompt me to … Continue reading Deja vu 101

Dating profile

I epitomise time being the greatest healer. I used to be an Army Air Corps soldier and in 2000 l was badly injured. To still have a purpose after sustaining a traumatic brain injury is a miracle. I now help others prepare for the afterlife, as we are eternal spiritual beings, having an earthly experience. Do you ever think about the afterlife? There are three constants in life: change, death and the judgement, so one day we will stand before our creator. Do we stand in our righteousness and sin nature, or does wisdom prevail and we trust Jesus to … Continue reading Dating profile

KFMI 7th Anniversary highlights of Dance off This is proof that church can be fun. The Delta Hotel in Kents Hill, Milton Keynes was the location, where we initially had a meal and had a good time. If you too would like to experience the kingdom of God,  then l encourage you to come to our next Glory Encounter service starting at 6pm tonight. We have services every Sunday at the Upper Room, 41 Blundells Road, Bradville, Milton Keynes.  Mk13 7HD at 9, 11 & 6 Reach out to the office from 10-3 at 01908 Continue reading KFMI 7th Anniversary highlights of Dance off

Banana Bread Recipe | olivemagazine This is good to have, when Chloe is in town. When l have had keto baking bonanzas, she’s always had to spectate as she can’t have nuts. In this instance, it would be almond flour. I will partake in these now and again, but one day l will have to launch out on that keto boat 100%. It is not that appointed time yet 🙂 Keep on keeping on Continue reading Banana Bread Recipe | olivemagazine