Outreach VIP London May 6th

This is perfect timing 101 and l encourage everyone to comment and share this most important of videos I’ve posted to date.

On May 6th London is the place to be, as its Coronation day for King Charles. Ray Comfort and his team have created the perfect track and it’s FREELY available.

Visit https://livingwaters.com/london/ today for your FREE tracks. Ray & Co will be flying over to join us for the Best Outreach endeavour to date.


Proof that Ray Comfort is seriously anointed and has a heart for the things of God

I’ve discovered an exceptional way to lead someone towards the afterlife and then the Gospel here https://youtu.be/g7L75krgvEw.

I’m now watching the athiest delusion here https://youtu.be/ChWiZ3iXWwM so that I’m better prepared for my next encounter.

These videos will be excellent preparation for May 6th, which l encourage churches to utilise as a field trip. Hopefully this will unite the Body of Christ.

If thus has blessed you, l ask that you comment, share and follow me via the 3 doors on the homepage.


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