Heaven on Earth….

I had an assessment type job interview in the Quy Mill Hotel, where l later drove a fellow applicant into Cambridge. This was after we both did not make it to the second stage, either by forgetting to take my named label into another room or most probably my outburst of praise and adoration of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, during the climax of a team challenge to build the tallest building, using just pieces of paper and cellotape. My team won, so I like to think my participation helped!

Initially l tried to meet up with an ex comrade, but to no avail. Instead l found myself a long stay car park, to have devotion and then hit the streets to worship with my guitar and passion.

My plan got hijacked, where l eventually had to leave my car to find some freedom! I found my needed divine intervention via an angel, who agreed to go for coffee after l played my guitar.

I said we would experience Heaven on Earth, and l did by having the company of this kind, interesting, attractive young academic for the next 6hrs.

However, the next day my faith was tested, where I’m reminded of past endeavours, so now l need to focus on my writing and trust God to help me find my life companion and best friend aka a wife that loves me just as l am.

I like to think this was God healing me after my disappointment of my early interview departure, but again l had misunderstood their innocent intentions. I thought potential wife, again they thought just friend.

There is also a 28yr Filipino, who l had considered for marriage, but interruptions from storms, work commitments or unforgiveness for blocking her have put that relationship on hold. We’ve not spoken since this New Year. Maybe I’m experiencing https://asialoving.com/how-to-deal-filipina-tampo/

But God’s timing is prefect, where another brother was testifying how he was in a relationship from a lady he had met on https://www.christianconnection.com/ This time round I’m slowly learning to play it cool and just share a like as an initial contact, rather than swamping them with my dreams and visions for us.

I take comfort that God’s timing is prefect!

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