Deja vu 101

How profound that at we are learning about angelic activity, because on Friday 1st July l experienced just that.

During the day l was reminding myself that l needed to be consistent with my ministry, in order for me to be more effective.

I even got to multi task, by jogging to centre mk with a weighted back pack, which is the best total body workout in history. Today l also carried my guitar for the first time, as l used to use public transport when playing my guitar.

I’m amazed how God uses people to prompt me to preach and after the third witness l finally got it! l sat down on a bench that was hidden from security cameras and began to worship and then preach, before security found me. Since 2018 l have occasionally ministered inside Centre mk where l have played cat and mouse with the security. Now whenever they stop me, l just smile and say until next time chaps, whilst honouring my ban for the remainder of that day. There was a time l would just move to a different location and start again, which used to make the devil mad.

I am confident that the Lord now wants me to minister at the courtyard with the upside down house in intu, by virtue of the security watching me in the background at the end of this video, not stopping me.

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