Prayer for money harvest

You can only qualify for this breakthrough, if you are a disciple of Jesus aka if you are Born Again. Seed, time and harvest also needs to be obeyed. No seed, no harvest! Do you also pay your tithes 😇

Prayer for money harvest

Lord l claim for this spring, every need met, every bill paid and when this spring is over, I’ll be in the black and not the red.

I claim that in the name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Satan, you take your hands off my finances

Go ministering spirits and cause my money to come. Amen

This was Deja vu, as l had seen this video before, but I did the usual response of not taking action, but now l have. Listen from 1.09.00 and start confessing from 1.12.00 for a few minutes. Testimonies here we come!

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