Watch “Twitter Suspends US Virologist Dr Robert Malone’s Account after his claims over Pfizer vaccine”

Watch from 1.19.57 to learn how hospitals in the US are offered cash insentives to have Covid patients, especially if their patients die of Covid…

To overcome a Traumatic Brain Injury is only by God’s grace. I’m not that good, and now l have this platform to inform and inspire my world.

This is why I have to keep sharing truth with you about the great deceptions in our world today. We can’t afford to be ignorant as this may lead to untimely death.

Here, is a very educative interview for those with a science mind that want to understand what has been going on in our world in the last 2 years. Dr Malone is the brain behind the mRNA vaccine technology and not one that can dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

We are now in a battle for our minds, as people tend to first die mentally, before they do physically. That’s why so many people committed suicide, because they felt like there was no other option and gave up. The devil is a liar!

Truths have been perverted like never before to control us. We must now take a stand for truth, otherwise we will fall for anything. Covid has exposed the real person inside of us and when we believe the lie, we will eat its fruit. Previous generations were brave enough to die for our freedom. What sacrifices are we prepared to make.

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Much ♥️

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