Time to Man up!


I served as a Ground Crewman with the Army Air Corps and had always been aware of the excellence that resonated from the RAF. I even used to say that the Army Air Corps was the RAF of the Army.

I have always had a passion to host. In late 2000 at kingdomfaithchurch.org.uk l made my home available to host House of Peace meetings every Weds, with opportunities to lay on food, especially more recently with keto baking, as there are so many health benefits.

I chose to be a reservist chef and I’m excited to say that because l believed to follow the family tradition of a military officer, l was then given my preferred option of becoming a Chaplain 💯%.

I truly believe this is of God, as 7 days after completing my first ever 40 day fast of just water l shared this post and a reply moved my inner man.

” You inspire me Sir Laing”

My Great Grand Father came to mind! http://www.rafweb.org/Biographies/Laing_G.htm. The irony was so sweet! May God use me in the unseen eternal realm as He did Sir George in the temporary seen realm.

This is so needed as l was starting to struggle with old habits, which l thought had died during my fast. Realistically l must now acknowledge that l will always experience temptation, but now l must be more mindful and choose how l react. Confucious states that we can’t stop the birds flying over our heads, but we can stop them laying a nest on our heads.

This is where the rubber meets the road for Mr Laing and l must keep it 💯% focus on Jesus, if I’m to become the man that God called me to be.

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