God is still in control

This is complete nonsense, and it seems like God is allowing it to test our faith and for the evil in man’s heart to be exposed.

Members of parliament are starting to ask questions why the data is still not available for the alarming stats on deaths after taking the Covid vaccine, as shown below.

This is why Bill Gates & Co wanted immunity from prosecution for the producers of the Covid vaccines. They are guilty of committing crimes which Hitler would have been proud of, and they need to be arrested and be sent to trial with no less than a death sentence on offer.

Justice will be done because they can’t avoid the Word of God ‘seed, time and harvest’.

If this doesn’t make you realise that we are being played, then you need to be taken outside and the lads give you a good kicking.

I may have been born at night, but not last night.

This is what happens when you exclude God from society. As a child of God l can testify that it is better to trust in the Lord, than to put your confidence in man.

It’s OK because God has still got one more move. I’m so excited and never been in such expectation….

Register here https://bit.ly/3jgec7W

This will be Vindication 101, and for the past 5yrs God has been preparing my heart, that He will do something that will make my life easier and more fun.

It’s going to be very difficult not to choose Jesus.

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