6pm Healing @ KFC

Before you start thinking they have improved the recipe of the takeaway chicken outlet, I am referring to the evening Glory Encounter service at http://www.kingdomfaithchurch.org.uk

I arrived here with a broken heart and my condition had prevented me from praying effectively for my family.

A prophetic coach shared that l had a heart issue just by my sharing that l did not pray much for my family and that l also had to be more effective in all endeavours.

My biggest struggle had been hearing clearly from God and it doesn’t help matters with the increasing distractions. Not everything that shines is golden!

Last night’s Glory Encounter service was beautiful with the core message being on the name of Jesus. The congregation were dropping like flies, and No, it was not from Covid, but God’s presence! I also got to shake myself loose and just by a sister giving a word of knowledge ‘frontal lobe pain’ l was able to receive.

I have struggled with relationships even more so since being injured in 2000 and frontal lobe was a symptom, but the prophetic word of restoration and that l will be married this year was healing for my ❤️

In order for me to be effective in the supernatural is defo a heart thing. In my recent transition l discovered 1 John 3:21 ‘beloved if our heart does not convict us, we have confidence before God’. I love it! It ticks all my boxes!!

My heart felt like it had a dagger plunged into it when l was forbidden to look up this scripture, as l did not yet have it committed to memory. l got the confirmation to leave, by them refusing to shake my hand.

Do we believe the word of God which states that no weapon formed against us shall prosper or that government has not been coerced by pressure and expert opinions on the pay roll of the Tech Goliaths.

It wasn’t always like that! These Tech Goliaths, no doubt started off with good intentions, but this is when we have to be so careful, not to be taken unawares. Pride will step in and then we will fit nicely into the devil’s pocket!

Be sober, be vigilant because our enemy the devil goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.

As followers of Jesus we also have that assurance, that even if any virus did touch us, it would die. This was demonstrated by John G Lake when a Doctor examined his hand under a microscope and released a live virus next to his hand. On touching his hand, the virus in question died! What need more say l.

Here at kingdomfaithchurch.org.uk, God is using us, because we make ourselves available. Please don’t feel that you are turning your back on your own church when you visit. God willing churches will be open again, but if not you can always stay at home and do online church. Whose voice will you listen to.

Truth is the most powerful force and will set us FREE when we embrace it.

4 thoughts on “6pm Healing @ KFC

  1. I just read your beautiful testomony ! Our God is a mighty God! Hallelujah 🙌🏾🙏🏽 you are a good witness Alex , thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day.


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