Get Covid-19 exemption here

Recent news that children as young as 12 can now take the vaccine without their parents consent, tells me that we are living in perilous times of uncertainty. However, there are children that don’t want to inject a vaccine with no data on future side effects.

If you want to keep your human rights and own a yanyard and exemption card, so you don’t have to wear a face mask click here However l warn you it’s a minefield of spiritual self sabotage.

I have also created a blog of a letter template to share with your employer or school etc, if you don’t wish to take the vaccine.


It’s not just disabled people that are exempt from wearing a face mask.

If you have breadth in your lungs and no longer want to be dehumanised or feel pressured into complying with the masses, then you too are also exempted. 💋 If you don’t have peace, then don’t do it.

Something very sinister is happening! I was informed that the FREE exemption card is out of stock, so now if we want to keep our freedom we have to pay for it.

Haven taken a peak at the website l am taken back by how the authorities are milking this

The majority are not always right! Do you remember, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never harm you.

I am sad at how many people are walking in fear from their experiences of Covid 19 and it doesn’t help when the media and the local authorities’ narrative is pushing for people to take the vaccine. If it’s the wonder vaccine everyone is promoting, then why do they recommend that you still social distance and wear a face mask. To add salt to the wound, the vaccine doesn’t even protect you from future variants.

The vaccine is not the answer as wicked men will just keep introducing new strains of the virus every few months until we wisen up to their schemes.

Members of parliament are starting to ask questions why the data is still not available for the alarming stats on deaths after taking the Covid vaccine, as shown below.


Watch “This trick to reduce stress, anxiety and also defeat Covid 19

Right now we are experiencing birth pains as we prepare for a new era.

Matthew 24:42 says “So be alert (give strict attention, be cautious and active in faith), for we do not know which day (whether near or far) our Lord is coming.

The rapture could happen today! Will you be blessed or cursed when you hear that trumpet sound, when the dead in Christ initially are raised up to meet Him in the air and then the remainder of His family will follow.

We can actively anticipate Jesus’s return by being a peace maker, especially if we need to display our entitled exemption card:

We should also pray over it that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and that every tongue that rises against us thou shall condemn.

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❤️ Lovely Jubley ❤️

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