McDonald’s Surprise

On Saturday 29th September 2018 I ministered outside McDonald’s.  Today I did struggle to get WiFi and twice experienced an angry person kick over my speaker with my attached Gospel playing mobile.


However an hour into proceedings when my helpful Evangelist returned with her children, an angelic toddler of a girl approached me offering me her chips.  Moments later her friendly and attractive Brazilian mother joined us.  Praise the Lord!


I now had to focus!


I asked if I could join them in 10 mins for a coffee.  Within minutes I was at their table by the window, where I met her mother also, who didn’t speak any English.  I encouraged them to join me elsewhere for a special filter coffee with frothy milk and whipped cream on top.  Alleluia!


It wasn’t long before I discovered that yet again I had met more Catholic believers that were not born again.  However this time, I’d have to write it down in Portuguese as she didn’t understand what I was saying or find the needed prayer online.


The shop was now closing, so we had to sit on one of the Guchi sofas in the walkway.  Before departing I said that I’d send them a prayer, via my website.  They could translate it to guarantee their eternal destiny with God in heaven.  However, my tongue messed things up.  She said that she was looking to rent, so I suggested to that she moves her family into my home and that we could get married.  I’ve lost count the times I’ve mentioned getting married in any initial meetings. The Help me Jesus!   We’ve only met and spoken once since then, so maybe I’m to just keep on writing my blog until I learn to control my tongue.


I later realized that they would also need the baptism of the Holy Spirit to give them the power to make a difference on this earth


To get an audience with a pure and holy God we first need to repent with childlike faith and turn from our wicked ways.  We cannot do this thing called life in our own strength, but we need a saviour.  We need Jesus to bring us back to Father God because it is our sin nature that separates us from God and it is only the blood of Jesus that can take away our sin and make us whole again.


To see the Kingdom of God and have everlasting life we need to be Born Again.  Please pray:



I am a sinner and I repent of my sin

I need you Jesus and your forgiveness

Jesus, I confess with my mouth that you are my Lord & Saviour

And I believe in my heart that God raised you from the dead

According to faith in your Word, I receive my salvation now.



Father your word also says that you will meet all my needs

For me to make the difference I need the power of your Holy Spirit

Right now I ask you to fill me with a fresh baptism of your Holy Spirit power

Holy Spirit I thank you for filling me with yourself

Father I thank you for being my provider

In Jesus Name I pray



Today was the second time this week that a stranger gave me £10.  More  validation from God.


We need to ask for a fresh infilling of His Holy Spirit every day

Share this with your contacts and let us start a Revival in Jesus name.


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